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Notes about this collection:

Fabric: Shirts from this collection are made with 100% organic cotton and the material is thicker which means it's great for all seasons. 

Fit: You will find that this shirt is very versatile and can either be worn in your true size or size up for a more oversized look. 

Manufacturer: Each shirt is handmade by our atelier team in Colombia.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold - air dry.

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Our Inspiration!

We get our inspiration at Katch from the women all around us. Our mothers, friends, sisters, aunts and grandma's. We are in awe of the women that came before us: Audrey, Jackie O and Princess Diana. We find that the classics truly knew best and so we look to them to show us the way! Here at Katch we hope to create timeless pieces that will be with you for generations.